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The Jewish People and the Holocaust

            The extermination of the Jewish people was to a large extent the singular goal of the Holocaust. This is proven by the definition of the Holocaust, rhetoric of the Nazi leaders and by their continued assessment of the Jewish people survival even before they were singled out. It is also proved by the fact that the Jewish people were targeted, the systematic extermination of the Jewish people and the scale and proportion of the Jewish extermination. The meaning of the word Holocaust is large-scale destruction, especially by fire. The meaning of the word helps to argue both ways; the large scale destruction the Jewish race faced implies that the Holocaust was directed towards the Jewish. Along with this meaning the word also has a second meaning of which is related to the Jewish race, when said the word brings the knowledge of what happened to the Jews. Although the Jewish suffered greatly other smaller groups also were affected. These groups were people who were disabled, homosexual, not of German descent and gypsi's (people of Romani descent). .
             During the Holocaust the Nazi's the leaders were constantly down-grading the Jewish, slandering their entire race and trying to make the Jewish a race under the rest of the world. Just by examining Hitler's speech in Berlin on the 30th of January 1939 it is clear that he had a grudge against the Jewish people, he continually referred to his enemies as a Jewish clique . A commonly known thing is that during the speeches of the Nazi leaders they would constantly target the Jewish people and imply that they were the cause of loss of jobs, less patriotism and they were behind a bad economy. Another thing that the Nazi leaders referred to was how much better the world would be once the Jewish were no longer in existence. By degrading the Jewish race to an animalistic culture to general society, Hitler made it possible for the Holocaust to be used to eventually wipe out the Jewish people.

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