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Holocaust films: Genre Analysis

             The Holocaust Films: A Genre Analysis.
             Over the last fifty years, literally hundreds of films have been created on the subject of the Holocaust. Numerous theories have been put forward to somehow explain the popularity and audiences' seemingly endless macabre fascination with, what were truly horrendous events in the course world history. .
             Some theorists have put forward the notion that the genre has proven to be successful because film has become one of the more enduring and effective way of educating, and indeed, transposing facts and ideas to modern generations. This being the case, the proposition of using film to remember and commemorate such events is ultimately assisting the world in bearing witness' to ensure such atrocities are not able to be repeated. .
             However, academics argue, perhaps on principle, that films trivialise war for the purpose of creating entertainment and capital gain which diminishes the films role as an educative devise. Often academic's criticisms are aimed more to film as a communication medium, than to the merits of the films in terms of genre and script.
             Other theories put forward have been that it is apparent Jewish monopoly of the Hollywood industry whereby Jewish directors, writers and performers are able to push their stories into the public domain. However, this theory does not explain the popularity, particularly in America of these films. Perhaps it is the fact that Holocaust film's depictions of World War Two, in terms of the American psyche is that it is the good war' - the war where the opposition was so unquestionably evil. In this war, America was the undeniable heroine and defender of moral virtue, as opposed to the Vietnam War where the lines between good and evil, right and wrong were more questionable. In these terms, the depiction or subtle insinuation as America as the Hero' could explain American society's acceptance and indeed, embracing of the Holocaust genre.

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