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Jewish Holocaust

             Holocaust a word that sends chills down my spine.
             Holocaust a word that represents the death of millions of innocent Jews.
             Holocaust a word that taught the world of how much hatred exists in this world.
             The Holocaust in one of the most devastating occasions. Let me explain about this tragic event that left everyone in the world morning. Let me explain about the Nazis, about the discrimination, and about the suffering. A Holocaust is defined as a disaster that results in the large-scale destruction of life. Although the term has been used to describe many catastrophes over the centuries, today it has a more specific meaning. The Holocaust refers to the annihilation of millions of Jews and other peoples by Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany during World War I.
             Born on April 20, Adolf Hitler was born in the Austrian Town Brauhau-am-Inn. No one knew how important he would be in history until it was too late. Hitler became the head of the Nazi party. His prejudice against Jews would cause devastation throughout Europe.The number one question in the world is "why?" Why did Hitler and his party hate the Jewish people? It all dates back to World War I. He placed the blame for Germany's lost in the war on the Jews. He firmly believed that Germany had been betrayed by the trickery of Communists and the Jews also known as the "evil partners" or so he thought. In other words he concluded that the Jews were responsible for most of the country's problems. So he and his army sought out revenge. In 1933 he became chancellor of Germany. And so his revenge began.
             Adolf Hitler's persecution of German Jews turned from words of hate to deeds of destruction. Jewish businesses were boycotted and vandalized. Jews were spat upon, stoned, and beaten in the streets. Jewish workers were dismissed from government jobs. Schools and Universities were closed to them. The walls of synagogues were defaced with Nazi swastikas. On the nights of November 9 and 10, 1938, while the police stood by, large gangs of Nazi thugs and hoodlums stampeded into Jewish neighborhoods.

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