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Propaganda Advertisement of a Car

             Riding in cars helps you get to places, but sometimes people would want to ride in a car that would look nice while in tha streets. People choose to buy expensive, nice cars rather than buying some old raggidy cheap cars. This is all because they want to show a good appearance.
             In advertisements on television and in magazines, they show brand new cars comparing old cars. Like the advertisement I am showing, a race car is not really the best thing to ride in unless you are in an actual race. That is why in the ad, the blue car at the bottom is better to drive in. You won't look like you are in a race competition. It can show many appearances, such as, you are about to go to work or you are cruising around just for fun. For guys, this is a good opportunity to get a good-looking girlfriend. Also, for girls, a guy would be attracted to you if he sees that you are capable of taking care of yourself and making yourself look good. This is the best kind of car that will be found. It also comes in many other colors like black, burgendy, forest green, red, navy blue and creme. The color that is most common is creme. People put many systems in this color car and it looks amazing! People who purchase this car start to put rims, headlights, and other nice accessories to add to their car. Believe it or not, it actually looks nice. No matter how cheap or expensive the car and its accessories are, it makes a person happy that they look nice riding it.
             If what makes you happy is purchasing this really beautiful car, you should go for it. I know I definately would. If something makes me happy or makes anyone else happy, they should do whatever they think is right, and I know purchasing this ride is the right choice. So, people, make up your minds and think about getting this car to make you look good while riding around or going somewhere important. .

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