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History of the American Diner

            Diners in America have a history rich with uncharted architecture and social obligations that have made them a significant role in the architectural world. However, when most people think of diners, other things such as the food, the business or the employees take precedent over its architecture. As Offitzer once said, "To some folks, a diner is one thing only: a stand-alone, prefabricated structure with counter service and cheap eats. But some define diners more comprehensively, describing diner architecture as something that changed significantly and dramatically – in style, function, and purpose – as American lifestyles changed throughout history"1. This statement by Offitzer in "Diners" gives a nice description of how not only diners became an important part of American history, but the architecture of the diners were just as important. The design of the diner is directly related to a time in American culture and the architecture of it can reflect how Americans were using certain materials and styles in a post-World War II world. Even the concept of the diner brought multiple new inventions and techniques of marketing that had never before been experimented with. Whatever the reason, it is clear that architecture of the diner can be studied and looked at to further understand America after World War 2.
             The idea of eating somewhere roadside really started to blossom in the 1920s, due to the automobile. With the production rate growing exponentially, the automobile was taking over the way Americans live. Shortly after, a vast network of roads were built to connect what was then an America that was disconnected between cities and towns. This would create a new way of living that proved America's pre- World War 1 prosperity would be increasing tenfold with the idea of the automobile. Along with the automobile came entrepreneurs who designed roadside attractions to lure the travelers and truckers who need the replenishment of food and water at any given hour of the day.

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