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             was able to see what was happening instead of hearing about in on the radio or in the newspapers. Allowing blacks access to the same education, voting, and public places. The south was very unhappy and took some time to adjust but the economic status of the blacks has improved over the past forty years. Going into space. The U.S. was determined to bear the soviets into space. Several others were made and we finally made it to the moon. .
             The invention of the trasistor. Companies were able to do billing and inventory quicker. This led to the development of the computer to a smaller machine. It also increased economic growth. For once the white collar workers out numbered the blue collar workers for the first time. It signaled the passage from industrial to post industrial era. The diners club introduced the plastic credit card. The first McDonalds hamburger stand opened in San Bernardio, California. Disneyland also opened up in California. Easy credit, high volume fast food production and new recreation was introduce for the average Americans. Some of the greatest books were ever wrote also, which made a lot of authors well known.
             Unit 5, topic 3.
             Civil Rights- Blacks wanted equally they wanted the same education ability, to vote, and to be able to sit in the same seats just to name a few. Martha Parks refusal to give up her seat on the bus set it off. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed. The civil rights act gave blacks equality in education and everything else. The voting act outlawed literacy tests of the polls and gave blacks the right to vote. Southern states didn"t respond well and these were hard to pass through congress. More people were sent to the south to help with the movement. Today blacks have the same equalities that we do and discrimination has declined. The economies of blacks has risen also.
             Vietnam war- Troops were sent in to help keep peace and keep a communist government from forming.

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