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Cybercrime in America

            The advances of technology have provided the opportunity for criminals to committee old crimes in a new and inventive way. With the invention and widely use of the Internet, people are consistently using this portal to their financial gain. The widespread of cybercrime has raised the concerns of the justice system because of the potential threat to national security. According to Schmalleger, 2011, cybercrime, or computer crime, focuses on the information stored in electronic media, which is why it is sometimes referred to as information technology crime or infocrime. Cybercrimes are committed in many ways such as credit card fraud, software piracy, computer viruses, cyber-bullying, and cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure. The difference between cybercrimes and traditional crimes are cybercrimes are committed by the use of a computer whereas traditional crimes are committed against property or a person. The differences are also similarities because cybercrimes are also committed against a person, but by the use of computers and technology. .
             One of the most cybercrimes that has become more prevalent in recent years is cyber-attacks. The popularly of credit card fraud and identify theft have increased the level of security concerns of individual personal information. Companies are consistently changing and increasing security access to different online data, but criminals are adapting to these changes. Computer hackers are counteracting security access to individual personal data by use of viruses, phishing scams, and human error. According to Schmalleger, 2011, hackers are computer hobbyist or professional, generally with advanced programming skills. Hackers are also known as individuals who main purpose or goal is to access illegally computer systems with the intent of committing a cybercrime. The government is realizing this and is working on making tougher laws to scare potential hackers.

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