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On Fear and Freedom

             An analysis of USA Patriot Act and its implication on Telecommunication.
             My paper is on the legislation passed by the congress known as USA Patriot Act. My main focus will be on the part of this legislation that deals with telecommunication, which includes the Internet, phones, Cable etc. Because my intended audiences are telecommunication class 605, my analysis will be confined to the portions that deal with telecom and its effect; it will also touch on the fourth amendment right guaranteed in the constitution.
             It was just another day in fall; as usual America woke up and set out to do their daily chores. But that day had a little (!) but far reaching twist to it. It was September 11 2001. As the day progressed an unimaginable event took place. In an around 10 am two civilian passenger airline crashed into the symbol of America's economic might, the twin towers. Then another crashed on Pentagon the nerve center of America's military might, and a fourth one crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Within few hours, America's sense of security was shattered abruptly and decisively. The President was flown from one bunker to the other, which were built during the cold war to protect the president from the thermo nuclear war. America quickly got over the initial shock and came out with tools to fight this new war, the congress hastily passed a plethora of legislation, to enhance the power of the executive branch to combat terrorism in all its form. With the action of 19 religious zealots the world has been torn asunder into us versus them, good versus evil. The aftershock of this atrocious event on September 11 2001 has yet to end. Though the crash physically happened in NY, VA and PA the sound and fury has resonated around the world. Eradicating terror has become a world jihad (!).
             The USA patriot act has given the executive branch sweeping powers in the name of fighting terror both within USA and the world.

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