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             According to Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Freedom is defined as the quality or state of being free, the absence of necessity, liberation from slavery or restraint of from the power of another. It is a right we as American can be thankful for. Freedom is the right to make choices in life and be able to enjoy them. Freedom is when a human being can vote and make decisions about the government and not fear about being arrested or beaten in such countries as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other nondemocratic countries. Freedom is our inalienable right to do what please our families and us, the ability to do whatever one wants, without infringing upon someone else's freedom. Such infringements could be as listening to music as loud as we want, watching television and not letting others watch, going to the mall and disturbing the workers and shoppers, and going to a church or synagogue and talking during the sermon. Freedom is one the most desired right in the world in such countries as China, Cuba, Domican Republic, and Haiti. Freedom is the right to choose where we can live, work, obtain an equal education, and let our children play. Those who have it such as Americans, Canadians, British, and most Europeans enjoy freedom. Freedom is when human beings after being born into this world and do not have to worry about becoming a child slave, a personal servant, or even sold for sexual pleasure like in some countries as India, Pakistan, Iraq, and even the Asian countries. Freedom is a gift of life not every human has. Freedom is a right we Americans have fought for many years during the Revolutionary War of 1776-1783 and we still maintain this right.

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