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             Freedom is often defined as a lack of restraint, or having no boundaries. People everywhere dream of all types of freedom. In communist countries people dream of the freedom of choice, in an everyday job people often dream of the freedom to escape from the troubles of life. However, teenagers more than any others dream of and look forward to freedom. To a teenager becoming an adult creates new excitement and freedom to look forward to. Teenagers look forward to the freedom of college, career, and independent life as a responsible adult. .
             Teenagers for generations have anticipated the freedom of college life. To a teenager college means moving away from home and starting a new life. College is a teenagers chance to pursue their dreams and fulfill their passions. Teenagers use the freedom of college to express themselves. A teenager may choose to utilize this freedom in many forms. Some may choose to party and have a good time while they feel they are still young, however others may choose to study and make the most of their higher learning experience so that they may pursue the career they have always dreamed of.
             The freedom of a career is also an aspect of adult freedom that teenagers look forward to. The ability to choose and pursue one's own career is an empowering thought to a teenager. Also, the thought of making their own money and not having to rely on a parent or guardian for income is an enticing thought. To a teenager career means the ability to make their own choice about their future and possible income. In a career just as in college a teenager can choose to utilize their freedom in different ways. They may choose to pursue a minimum wage job with a small amount of hours, therefore giving them more social freedom. However, this use of their freedom will not get them very far. Another way they could choose to utilize this freedom is to pursue a career that caters to their passions and interests and makes them happy.

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