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International Law & Cyberspace

             Presently, the internet is considered the ultimate bastion of freedom throughout the world. The ability to participate in social media and write/say anything one feels is almost exclusive to the internet. Anybody can be anything they choose within the laws of their nation with minimal repercussions. A person can transport themselves to another country in mere seconds. The ability to research unlimited amounts of information exists at the touch of the keyboard. Other than outer space itself the internet or "cyberspace " is limited only by a human's ability to expand it and the data that it can process and store. It is a area that is enjoyed by more people in the world than any other and as technology advances so does the internet's worth and importance to all. So why is it that recently in Dubai, the International Telecoms Union (ITU) which is a UN agency for information and communications technology, holding meetings to consider regulating it as well as cellular networks. On December 14, representatives from across the globe came together to try and gain consensus on updating telecoms regulations that hadn't been examined in over 24 years. This eventually led to a measure placed for voting to permit for the regulated control of the internet through the U.N. Of the nations attending only three, (including the U.S.) rejected outright the attempt to pass the measure. This paper will explore the history of the internet and its relationship within the international legal community. The lawful aspects of the internet and the dynamics through time from a historical perspective will be reviewed. Finally, the ramifications of an internationally regulated internet by exploring the challenges, pros and cons and future intent of the international governmental organizations and the control for cyberspace.
             History of the Internet.
             The internet like many other dynamics of today's world is a mix of both positives and negatives.

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