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Strategic Alliances

            National borders are losing their importance, so the redefinition and reconstruction of the concept of sovereignty becomes a necessity. The classical meaning of sovereignty is changing through the effects of globalization process. People argue that international laws and institutions result in the decline of sovereignty. Moreover, the development of Internet and creation of cyberspace is also seen as a threat to sovereignty. Today, sovereignty is declining because of international laws and institutions. However, I think in the future the development of cyberspace will surely strengthen the sovereignty.
             1.Concept of Sovereignty:.
             Jean Bodin was the first theorist to formulate a modern concept of sovereignty and is considered as the father of the modern theory of sovereignty. In this "The Six Books of the Common wealth" (1577) he defined sovereignty as "the absolute and perpetual power of a commonwealth" (Bodin, p. 1). Consequently, in this sense the power of the prince, or the sovereign, is not subject to time and has no superior. However, God is above sovereign and the supreme power of the sovereign is subordinate to the laws of God and nature. Furthermore, Bodin also referred to the constitutional or customary laws of the lands, which he called "Leges Imperii" and which even the sovereign could not change (Camilleri, 1992: P. 18). However, apart from these limitations Bodin's concept of sovereignty put the sovereign above the people. .
             Human societies have changed and the notion of state emerged. For this reason, sovereignty becomes a term used to describe the attributes of a state rather than a person. The concept of the sovereign state is often described as one that is free and independent. From this definition two aspects of sovereignty attached to the notion of state are born; internal and external sovereignty (Lansing, p. 297).
             Internal sovereignty is based on the principle that each state free to practice its rights without outside interference.

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