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The Keywords of Cyberbullying

             Cyberbullying-What Schools Can Do About It.edu/arts-sciences/articles/cyberbullying-schools.
             This article presents several accounts of students who committed suicide after being subjected to different forms of cyberbullying. In the first account, the author, Udmila Battista, explains the circumstances in which an eighteen-year-old freshman committed suicide after a secret video of his romantic relationship with another man was posted on the web. The second account presents a case in which a fifteen-year-old student hanged herself after being bullied by fellow students. The students went on to post crude comments on Facebook concerning the student. A third case of cyberbullying involves a thirteen-year-old student who committed suicide after being bullied by a sixteen-year-old student, who had sent the victim several derogatory messages online. The author's discussion of the several cases of students committing suicide is intended toward indicating the serious consequences of cyberbullying in schools.
             An analysis of the information presented in the article indicates that the author does not show any bias. The author has provided practical evidences on the need to prevent cyberbullying in schools. For instance, she explains that cases of cyberbullying are increasing in schools, thereby indicating the need for parents and teachers to work together to curb the issue. This article can be used to expand the current research by providing information on how schools can alleviate cyberbullying among students.
             Keyword: Cyberbullying Awareness.
             Campbell, Marilyn. "Cyber Bullying: An Old Problem In A New Guise?".N.p., 2016. Web. 9 Feb. 2016.
             The dark side of technology is that it can be used for harm by both young people and adults. Young people have used emails, chat rooms, texting, websites and mobile phone cameras to bully peers. This practice has grown to become a global problem. Incidents of cyber bullying have been reported in the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, in the United States and Scandinavia.

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