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            Canada has long taken a forceful stand, consistent with international standards on human rights, in the fight against terrorism. Canada has developed policies and laws that are based on the principles that terrorism must be prevented, perpetrators of terrorist acts must be brought to swift justice, and terrorists should be denied sanctuary and support. .
             Combatting terrorism requires international cooperation and coordination. Canada has worked in various international fora, principally the G7/8 and the United Nations, for over twenty years to develop legal tools and international standards to combat terrorism. There are twelve international conventions which address specific terrorist acts such as hostage taking, hijacking, terrorist bombings; and support activities such as terrorism financing. Canada has signed all twelve international counter-terrorism conventions and has ratified all of them. In the G8, Canada meets regularly with experts to set international standards on counterterrorism and to address current and emerging challenges.
             For example, as technology improves and trading and economic systems become more integrated, the ability of terrorists to move their funds between jurisdictions complicates the tasks of tracing and confiscating their assets. To learn more about Terrorism Financing.
             Our efforts to keep Canadians safer also extends to the transportation sector. To learn more about Counter-terrorism and transportation.
             Cyber crime consists of specific crimes dealing with computers and networks (such as hacking) and the facilitation of traditional crime through the use of computers (child pornography, hate crimes, telemarketing /Internet fraud). In addition to cyber crime, there is also "computer-supported crime" which covers the use of computers by criminals for communication and document or data storage. While these activities might not be illegal in and of themselves, they are often invaluable in the investigation of actual crimes.

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