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             Merriam Webster's 2003 dictionary defines terrorism as "violence (as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands." The simple thought of an event as unspeakable as 9-11 gives me chills. America is supposed to be untouchable, never falling to another county. I am a young adult, just starting to take in and understand the world. To be initiated into adulthood with such hideous acts and display of pure hatred is extremely hard for me to comprehend. The effect terrorism has had on my life shows through my newfound insecurity, new perspective on life, and advanced pride in my country.
             The result of terrorism in my life has developed a sense of insecurity in my country, that I never had before. America has always been the "top dog" that most countries would not consider challenging. To see America's soil and people be so wounded on September 11, 2001 was a somber day for me. I had never experienced anything so horrifying in all my 23 years. To be embarking on my adult life with such a tragedy is incredibly terrifying. It was awful to realize how dangerous this world can be. In the days after the attack on America I was, like many others, affixed to news coverage of 9-11. Wondering what was going happen next. Would someone I care about or myself be hurt, or killed? This is a great deal to reflect upon and agonize over. Terrorism has left me with a significant fear of danger to contend with. .
             Terrorism has also led me to a new perspective on life. It forced me to consider what should be most important in my life. I have become a great deal closer to my family. I enjoy just being able to spend time with them. I realized how fortunate I am to have that safe haven to console me in times of need. Terrorism made me become conscious of the fact that I want a family of my own. I have by no means, thought that I needed children to be happy with my life.

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