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A Comparison of Indian Food to American Food

            As you may know for the last couple of months, we have been studying the many aspects of Indian life. These aspects of Indian life include religion, politics, history, current events, and also some of the customs of these people. As we continued our study in Indian history, we learned about how India was ruled by many different people and cultures throughout history. Over time, India has had contact with many Europeans, invaders, Muslims, and Asiatic people. With this contact from people outside the Indian subcontinent came influence and changes in some of the aspects of culture in Indian- including food. In the following essay, I will compare and contrast the qualities of Indian food to the food of the United States. .
             In this first section, I will begin by discussing the cuisine of my own country- the United States. In order to get an understanding of what the cuisine of the USA consists of, I went to a diner. While observing the menu, I came to the conclusion that the American diet is based mainly on meat and potatoes. By this I mean everything is meat and some sort of side dish that is high in carbohydrates. Some example of this would be turkey and stuffing, roast beef and mashed potatoes, and hamburgers and French fries etc When I ordered at the diner, I ordered a Caesar salad, which, also came with half a sandwich- further proving that America is mainly based on meat and potatoes. I believe that this is due to European influence mostly. In regard to spices of American food, it is not as glamorous as some food as other cultures- it uses one or two spices in food. These spice are commonly known as garlic, pepper, oregano, and salt. This is what I discovered about the food of my own culture. .
             Like my experience with American food at USA diner on Roosevelt Blvd, I also had an experience with Indian food at Lucy's on Castor Avenue. When I got into the restaurant, I took notice of my surroundings- I noticed picture of deities on the walls and unknown but satisfying smells coming from the kitchen area.

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