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Evolution of Young America

             Imagine an advanced alien life form visiting us from afar. At the same time, picture these aliens changing our way of life, so in turn, adapting theirs. Things that we thought were never possible suddenly happen right before our eyes. This may seem like a highly unlikely scenario, but it is a similar comparison to the changes Indians went through when the Europeans came to the Americas. The Europeans colonists taught the Indians much about their "advanced" society. At the same time, the Indians instructed the Europeans on how to become a more effective survivalist.
             The Indians adopted much of the European way of life. Such "prizes" as tools and knives were traded for "overrated" furs and skins. The demand for furs and skins encouraged the Indians to become more efficient hunter gatherers and even went to so far as to accept the idea of private property. Europeans also introduced the Catholic religion to the locals and they were baptized as such. Friars used the Indians to build and maintain missions, till nearby fields, and serve the colonists. Farming methods changed as the Europeans introduced their concepts of using tools in order to grow more efficient crops. .
             As advanced as the Europeans were, they would not have survived if it were not for the Indians. Living in the forest would not .
             have been an easy feat if the Indians did not willingly lend a hand. Settlers were taught how to live off the land as well as how to defend it. Being taught how to utilize plants and animals for food and clothing allowed the settlers to live on their own. Also, they were instructed on how to grow and corn which largely contributed to the success of English colonization. The birchbark canoe was an Indian marvel that the Martin Pring took back to England to show how a sixty pound device is able to hold nine full-grown men. .
             In conclusion, it is obvious that the settlers and Indians largely contributed to each others success.

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