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The Roaring 20

            The decade of the 1920's is often characterized as a period of prosperity and optimism. Dubbed the "Roaring 20's", it was the decade of the model T car, the $5 work day, the first transatlantic flight, and the prohibition amendment. In urbanism and commercialism, America finally made a name for itself. Calvin Coolidge even declared that "America's business is business". The decade is also seen as a period of rising intolerance and isolationism. History professors often point out that America, influenced by the first world war, retreated into a "provincialism". Evidence of this is seen through the rise of the Klu-Klux-Klan, restrictive immigration laws, and prohibition. Overall, the decade is often seen as a breaking-free from the structure of the past. People began to question and alter the binds of previous decades, as well as contest the role of women. Prohibition, sexual morals, immigration, and religion were controversial issues of the decade.
             If today, you were to ask someone about current sex morals, you may hear the response, "what morals?". As liberated as America may be now; it wasn't always that way. According to George Jean Nathan, in his article Clinical Notes, sex morals became less and less existent during the 20's. "It is unquestionably true" he writes, "that the war inspired sexual nonchalance among women." Nathan also writes of the "looseness in conversation" becoming prevalent. A birth of slang occurred; the result of an influx of German, English, French, and other foreign languages. "It is slang" Nathan further writes, "that has broken down the former barriers of reserve." It was during the Roaring 20's that the flapper arose. In a Cleveland newspaper, the Press, a letter from a flapper is titled "Further Proof that the Younger Generation Is Going To Hell". Yet another disturbing title, "Disquieting Society Item", in an Arkansas paper describes a "jolly bunch of young people".

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