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A Quick Overview of "The Roaring Twenties-

            The 1920's were a time of great social change. It was the most explosive decade of the century due to the clash from the world of fashion and the world of politics.
             It was the age of everything; the age of alcohol and lavish parties, the age of prohibition, the ago of prosperity, the age of new inventions such as the automobile, the radio, and the airplane. There were great advancements in the art field. New art techniques were discovered and used by artists such as Alfred Stieglitz and Charles Sheeler. There was timeless literature written by famous authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and Robert Frost. It was the Jazz Age. Artists such as Bessie Smith and Duke Ellington dominated the jazz music profession. The 20's were a time of woman evolution and a whole new way of life for woman. Youth ruled everything. Younger was .
             better. Flapper dress style was the thing. Women were more risqué. The Charleston was all the rave! Along with jazz, a new way of dancing came about. The 1920's were also known as the age of downfall with the crash of the stock market. .
             The Roaring Twenties was a truly exciting decade in American History. Today people might say that this decade "rocked back, then it roaring in all aspects of life;- in fashion, music, literature, sports, social reform, politics, economics and more. Many things were happening, and they were happening fast. It's an amusing, fascinating and enjoyable time in history to learn and read about. .

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