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            I believe that "Race" is an arbitrary and meaningless concept because race among humans does not exist. As we come together and break apart according to the movement of human populations, we create a variety of differences among the human species. Racism, racial stereo types, race and cultural prejudices, and anti-Semitism, cultural and racial bigotry result in people being attacked, abused, oppressed, or enslaved. I feel that affinity groups should be allowed in school systems and else where. It is simply human nature to feel a natural connection towards others that look like them, come from similar environments or share a common past. I have noticed that people are becoming less understanding and less empathetic towards people that are "not like them". While there seem to be genuine relationships between blacks and whites, some whites, including myself, hesitate to talk about race for fear of being taken the wrong way. I sometimes find myself being overly cautious with some things I say because I am afraid it may be taken out of context and called racist.
             I believe that affinity groups are not "reverse racism" or "segregation." I think everyone should be allowed the right to form these groups. It is a place to come together and share experiences and express opinions, prejudice, or not, for mutual support or simply to just meet new people. People need some time and space apart from the central group just to let go and be themselves. If people coming together for group support makes someone feel excluded then possibly there is something missing from their life life or cultural associations.

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