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Classification Systems of Race

            Race is a classification system that divides people into groups based on descent, ethnicity, culture, geography, history, language and/or socioeconomic affiliation. Race can be related to history. In history, there are multiple perspectives on every issue. In race, there are multiple components to get the whole picture and multiple perspectives. Mark T. Gilderhus, author of History and Historians and expert on the subject, states in his book "History as a field of knowledge is broad given that there are virtually infinite possibilities to history inquiry.you can fill in the blanks that's what makes history come alive is that you may seek to research your interests. " Professor John Ulloa, instructor of history and anthropology, states "History is like a multifaceted diamond. Depending on what facet you are looking at, you will see different aspects. I believe race could be determined by the way a person looks, for example, eye color, shape, hair color, language or even blood types. Genetically speaking, we are all made up of the same parts. This concept was not historically used. People were divided based on class, status, religion and language. .
             Race is a biological category, not to be confused with ethnicity. Ethnicity represents the background or associations of a particular person or thing. One's ethnicity may be determined by his or her birthplace, religion, or beliefs. Ethnicity does not define physical characteristics, but rather backgrounds and traits. The United States is a melting pot. This country is made up of millions of different people from different places, but in my opinion, the population is a single unit whose differences are far less than their similarities. Even if our ethnic backgrounds are different ways, at the end of the day we are one species who need to look out for each other regardless of our minor differences. Race is an ideology that affects socio-economic and political situations worldwide.

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