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Measures of Affirmitve Action

            Indiana University School of Law-Bloomington should embrace the admission process of the Michigan Law School. The upholding of the University of Michigan Law School's program ensures that the foundation of this proposal will comply with the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The access system must adopt a policy that contains a broadened criteria list that applies race as a persuasive factor to enhance the diverse situation at the university. .
             The university should concentrate most importantly in the vicinity of academic and personal achievements for each applicant. This must be the foundation for consideration, simply, to uphold or enhance the status and image of the Law School. Factors such as undergraduate GPA, LSAT score, and other projects presenting talent should sit high on the list. Extracurricular involvement and community service must be observed as to compare with academic performance. An individual with a high GPA and LSAT score that is somewhat involved is as likely to succeed, as a person with lower scores and is greatly involved. The admittance board must not guarantee the acceptance of an individual with the highest possible score and prohibit an individual who possesses a low score. .
             An issue that must be measured is the foresight that an individual will do well in the school. A personal interview can present the aptitude of a student that the board might need to produce a decision. The zeal of recommenders will leave the true impression of the individual's personality. The value of the applicants essay should also play a role in decision process.
             The admission policy should aim to achieve student body diversity. No racial quota should be created to achieve racial balance. Diversity must not be related to only race. It should include factors of social economic status, family background, and location of residency. .
             In general, the admission policy must consider all the information presented on each applicant in order to make a decision of admittance into the Law School.

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