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             Robert Cahill claims that there are two parts to racism: plain and fancy. "The plain racism consists of small everyday incidents, such as insulting words or offensive jokes. The fancy racism is openly declared and hostile."" (Schuman 155) I think that Cahill makes a legit argument. People experience racism everyday, whether it is noticed, unnoticed, intentional, unintentional, personal, or impersonal. Stereotypes are given to each race, and you cannot help but believe them at times. I think plain racism occurs more on a daily basis than fancy racism does. People do not even realize that when they shy away or avoid talking to someone of a different race, that they are committing plain racism. You would think it is because of who that person actually is, but you really do not even know them and are judging them by their outer image. .
             I experience plain racism quite often, whether it is acted towards me or I act it upon others. People will meet me for the first time, and they assume I am a mathematician or computer engineer. The person is automatically using plain racism, but they would never use the word racism with their assumption. I will admit that I will avoid talking to a certain race, because I think that they may harm me in some way. I know that it is awful to think that, but that is how I was brought up. There were people you would look out for and others would be okay to talk to. People are raised with different beliefs, and may share or differ in their thoughts of other races. Plain racism occurs even when you are growing up, and your parents are steering you towards a certain group of people to be friends with. "Plain racism is still racism, but it is not openly proclaimed and openly confrontational."" (Schuman 162) .
             I hear more about fancy racism occurring than actually witnessing it. I do not know whether it is because I live in this sheltered little world, or because New England just does not have as many fancy racism groups as other areas of the U.

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