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Aspects of Internet Communications

            The evolution of technology has encouraged drastic change in our everyday life, especially in how we communicate. When the first satellite was launched, it was the trigger of the instantaneous and asynchronous communication era. Up until the present day, thousands of satellites have been launched and Internet-based communications, which started as early as the 1960s (Gharbawi, A. 2004, p. Online), has become a major role in our lives, in fact, a necessary role in humankind. The question is, as telecommunication is being massively used worldwide, what are the advantages and disadvantages of it, what safeguards should be implemented, and finally how internet-based communication can develop in the near future. This paper is written to analyze and describe the pros and cons of the current range of Internet communications including social networking, email, and instant messaging, alongside the safety measures for users, and the future development of these communications.
             Firstly, when it comes to Internet-based communication, the most popular is certainly social networks. They are the sites on the Internet where people can gather, share, connect, socialize, and inform each other on venues, such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Social networks are more popular than other forms of Internet-based communications since they allow people to share personal pictures and videos, as well as allowing comments. According to studies, the most popular social network, Facebook, occupies 400 million users worldwide (Trak 2010, p. Online). It is also estimated by the year 2015, the total amount of social network users will be over a billion (Trak 2010, p. Online). However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages in using this popular type of Internet-based communication. The advantages would include creation of new relationships, connectivity, enhance social EQs (emotional intelligence), and possibly, a positive impact on society.

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