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The New Necessity of Social Media

            Social Media has become a necessity for society today. Ultimately, the internet is a breakthrough for the technology and is a kind of revolution with respect to the way in which people are making use of it, as it can make countless things. However, it should be said that so as it has great benefits also has disadvantages. So the purpose of this essay is to inform people how useful that might be the use of social networks if they are used properly and how dangerous that can be if one does not use responsible for them or leave your personal data to anyone. By which will be discussed the following points: the pros of Social Media, the cons of the same, and a discussion of the two aspects.
             First of all, it should be mentioned social networks and the internet has become a trend in society around the world today. This has contributed much in life changes that have occurred in persons, both negative and positive. While it is true, access to the internet and social networks has many benefits as the rapid way in which information is distributed all over the world. There are so many ways in which people benefits via the internet as the facility to find any type of information, how to socialize with people both near and far from the person. A clear example that the social media is of great importance is that universities, schools of middle level and companies are using them every day since these serve as working material to publicize any information or as a means to publicize the schools, universities and companies. "If it comes true, the Internet has changed many people's lives east part have countless benefits like faster distribution of information, among many others." (Pro and against). "Social media is growing and not going anywhere." Many schools are now embracing the move. By understanding this movement, schools can make better choices on how to use social media in education. "100% of colleges and universities studied are using some form of social media.

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