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Photoshop Controversy Speech

            Spotless skin, toned body, silky hair, and no wrinkles: welcome to the fantasy world of Photoshopping. Everyone knows the tricks and tweaks that appear on Fashion ads, editorials and magazine covers; but over the past few years it seems like retouching is getting a little bit out of hand, creating an unrealistic image of beauty. Incidentally, social media plays a huge role in spreading this idea as well as putting into people's minds that the only definition of beauty is being flawless. Social media is so used to using Photoshop on every single advertisement, and because of this self-esteem has lowered greatly; studies have shown that at least 95% of teenage girls think they're fat. Our society is trying to spread the whole "love yourself" "everybody is beautiful" message but then contradicts itself by only allowing tall skinny girls to be models or actresses. The fashion industry should eliminate this unhealthy message that keeps teenage girls from loving their unique body.
             Society has risen its generations to think and want to be a certain way, completely overlooking the beauty that we were already born with. It is unhealthy both physically and mentally to have such strong ideas involving the ideal body, which is completely distorted and unrealistic. Photoshop has contributed to the cause of eating disorders and low self-esteem; Anorexia and bulimia are some of the physical effects that these irrational ideas our society has brainwashed us with cause. All over the United States the Photoshop controversy is gaining more and more attention; parents are pushing for an anti-Photoshop law to protect teens from a faulty body image. Mrs. Matlins stated, "We can't ignore that our beauty culture is having wildly negative effects on girls and women. Real, serious, and enduring problems occur when we don't recognize that the images and ideals of the human form being presented in the media are setting unrealistic expectations and standards for our country's female population.

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