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An enhanced hand

             These days I can tell where art is leading to; I can vision things in a different way. I see almost every piece moving or have a realistic fell to it. I barely see drawings and paintings. I mostly see graphics and animations. I see these types of things on TV, commercials, and Internet websites. College art majors should go into graphic art design and leave the drawing and painting because: it's easier to do, it creates more realistic work, and more people and companies use it.
             Graphic art design is easy to work with and has more functions. Its done on a computer with these standards or higher, 300mhz processor, 256mb ram, 40 GB hard drive, CD-rom drive, and a nice monitor for all those graphics. Graphic design isn't going anywhere because computers are not. .
             Drawing is usually done on paper or other surfaces. Drawing paper is an item that is needed every time you work and cost too. .
             Painting is also a media done on paper or canvas. Painting is hard to use because it's a liquid and you have to be careful because one drop can ruin a project. Paint cost a lot and is a necessary item with this media. Canvases are usually an arm and a leg too but you can also make your own.
             Graphic art design uses one program, which is called software. Adobe Photoshop is one out of about twenty-five programs you can chose from. Inside these programs you can find over one thousand tools and adjustments to create the perfect picture. You only have to buy this software one time and it upgrades itself. Therefore you will never need to worry about buying pencils and canvas. .
             Drawing on the other hand uses pencils or graphic sticks (pencils without a tip). Graphic sticks are expensive and you"ll need to buy a lot of them. .
             Painting needs brushes of different sizes. The bigger the brush, the more expensive it gets.
             Graphic art designers create more realistic work. You can use real pictures and mix them together to form one piece.

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