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Enhancing Relationship Skills

            Aspiration: Enhancing My Relationship Skills.
             In light of this assignment, I have examined my past relationships and focused on the areas that need improvement. After researching a few important components of relationships, I realized that I have plenty of areas to enhance. Initially, I will discuss the most important element of a successful relationship: interpersonal communication. Following this topic, I will reveal my inefficient techniques I have in lieu of conflict management. Finally, I will share the deficiencies I posses in developing close relationships. .
             Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Building rapport and trust is crucial in creating a healthy and intimate relationship. Through the years, I have discovered that my methods of communicating my ideas, emotions and conflicts are not effective. In my most recent relationship, I realized that I neglect to communicate efficiently. I became upset over minor annoyances without revealing them to my partner. Instead of confronting him with my concerns, I retain my anger. This leads to irrational outbursts derived from my frustration. This avoidance style of communication is a major area that I need to improve on in order to develop an intimate relationship.
             I state the negative traits of my partner instead of telling him the positive qualities that he possessed. In dwelling on his faults adds fire to the fight. Words are said which do not have truth behind them. These accusations hurt both of us. This inhibits the growth of a relationship because negativity does not promote intimacy. .
             Intimacy is another important factor in a relationship. Without the open disclosure of each partner, the relationship will be threatened. My boyfriend and I felt that we were very close with each other because we vastly depended on each other. This created a false sense of intimacy between the two of us. Although we talked openly about daily events and our past experiences, we could never connect on the emotional level.

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