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Learning, Skills and Character

            Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." In other words, education plays a vital role in societies and people development. The purpose of education should be to prepare students for life, nourishing the potential in every student so that each may connect and give their unique ideas and abilities to society. Knowledge is mainly gained by education that shapes people outlooks in whole life and enables them to realize what happens in the world around. Therefore, most countries democratize education for all people where these countries allocate most of their resources to improve their education systems in order to accommodate as many as possible of people in the educational institutions. For instance, this strategy has been adopted in the United States where students are joining their schools without paying its tuition until university. For decades, people have debated whether education improves learning skills or develops personal characteristic traits. Admittedly, skills are obtained in schools where students learn how to be independents, creative, successful, and the traditional skills like reading, writing, and math. Although education develops personal characteristic traits, improving students' learning skills is more beneficial. Focus on learning skills is clearly influential in increasing population safety, personal health, and participation in political life. .
             People's safety is one of the forefront agendas of most governments. The most serious threat that destabilizes people's security is a crime. Crime fighting with police or punishment is no longer enough, and new studies have proved that education attainment is considered a strong contributor to deter the crimes. In "THE CRIME REDUCING EFFECT OF EDUCATION," Machin, Marie, and Vujić (2011), who are professors in London School of Economics, identify the main factors of how education limits the criminal behavior of people.

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