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Present Learning Habits

            Visual, verbal, and kinesthetic are different types of methods in which people learn. People learn most efficiently by being taught in the way they can best comprehend and understand the material. Based off my past experience, I have noticed that some of my teachers would limit their ways of teaching which made it hard to learn what was being taught. Asking for help from my peers, getting a different explanation of the material benefitted me because I was able to understand it better being taught verbally. Educators should expand their ways of teaching in all ways so that all their students can fully take away the material they are teaching. Personally, I have come to realize about myself that I learn effectively all ways.
             When it comes to learning something, I try my hardest to understand it right away. If I'm confused or I don't understand, I don't become worrisome because I know that I will find a way to understand it. Listening to someone speak about something one time doesn't really help me because I tend to forget things easily. I have to be told multiple times in order to remember something. If I'm speaking about it then I'm most likely to grasp the idea as well. Repetition is key for me when it comes to learning verbally.
             Growing up, my dad would always tell me to read books. I never liked sitting down in the quiet and just reading a book, making up voices in my head. It was hard for me to comprehend what I was reading. I would have to read sentences over and over again just to understand what ´┐╝was going on in the story. I disliked reading books because of that reason, but I was introduced to audiobooks in elementary school. My class read a book together while we listened to an audiobook and I was astonished on how much more I was comprehending the book just by listening to someone else read it while I was reading it in my head. I began to start reading books while listening to the audiobook, I was learning it verbally and visually.

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