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The Importance of Good Academic Habits

             Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.
             Academic habits can be seen as a mental attitude and behavioral practice that facilitates a student's learning and makes excelled learning and progressive development possible during the educational years. These habits are at the core of how a student learns and are the methods through which he assimilates any course material. All types of habits are particularly influential in one's life because with time they become natural to an individual, that is, they are often followed without a mental decision to do so. The older the individual, generally the more effort it takes to acquire new habits or change established habits. Consequently, it is uniquely important for students to acquire good habits and necessary self-discipline as they grow into adulthood. In this essay, we will first concentrate on academic habits, in particular those habits that will help the student become a better learner. Although, some academic habits transcend the classroom, and even the school, since learning is more of an attitude towards life than an activity.
             Daily habits include the daily, consistent routines that a student has deemed to be effective and put into practice. At first, actions are carried out from a sense of duty but the longer they are continued, the easier they become. Once the habit has been developed, the activity requires very little effort and has a tendency to become second nature, though still requiring a choice of the will. Properly understood, all habits must also be recognized as freely chosen, repeatedly, by the student. The task of a teacher or a parent is to help students understand how their daily habits could be made more effective and also encourage them to develop habits through practice. The purpose of this essay is to highlight the significance of self discipline and habits needed for success both inside and outside the classroom and at every stage of a student's life.

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