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Comparaing Education in Japan and USA

             Comparing the Education Systems of Japan and the United States .
             Education is a strong force throughout the modern nations of the world. Many countries have similar and different approaches on how and what children are taught. Two such nations that use different and similar approaches and structures of education are Japan and the United States. .
             To understand the education in Japan and the United States, you must first discuss how both these systems are linked together through history. After the defeat of Japan in World War II and the occupation by the United States, the Americans helped Japan rebuild its" education system by imposing it's standards. The United States emphasis in education was to prepare Japan for the freedoms and responsibilities of having a self-governing nation. In order to do this the Americans extended to Japan's compulsory education from six to nine years. It placed all students on a single track of 6-3-3 bases. This would provide an equal opportunity for education for all the children so they can learn the democratic way of education. The democratic system of education coupled with the Japanese traditional entrance exams resulted in more competition among the students. After the United States left Japan, the Japanese government established a system that provided equal skills to all students by centralizing the elementary and secondary education system.
             Organization and Structure of Education in Japan and the United States .
             Japan's Educational System.
             Japan's commitment to education lies in it's past heritage and belief in social values, appropriate behavior and the importance of education for personal and social improvement.

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