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Analysis of Generation Y

            Generation Y is a demographic cohort who born between in 1981 and 1999. It is also called Millennials, Net generations, Echo Boomers, Internet Generation or Nexters as this group of people was growing up with the technological advancement which bring out dramatic increasing trend of using electronic devices among the Generation Y. Therefore, the most common characteristics of Generation Y are rich with information and "media-savvy", willing to change, more open and tolerant society, networking, desire to have skill development thrives on mentoring and well educated. (Tulgan & Martin, 2001) More than ever, Zemke, rere Raines & Filipczak (2000) also mentioned that the common characteristics of Generation Y cut through global, racial and socioeconomic boundaries. A factor of globalization and numerous technology of today are shaping the youth to communicate with others globally employing such tools as MySpace and Facebook that made up of diverse cultures and peoples. .
             As the Generation Y was growing up in a technological development era, it is also known as the "connected" generation. They are mostly socialized in digital world, not just during work, but around the world as well. Generation Y workforce develops and creates the usage of new technologies in connecting and communicating. For example, employees and employers communicate and handle meetings via the World Wide Web while doing work that multi-tasking becomes their habit it takes into the workplace. (Lewis, 2003) People in this age group have been customized to using computers from early age and therefore making intensive use of electronic media (Foscht et al., 2009).
             According to the research by Reynol and Mastrodicasa (2007), it is found that millennial generation has integrated technology almost completely into their lives. The survey of 7705 college students and working adults in the United States, born from 1982-2003, were frequently in touch with others using technology at higher rates than people from other generations.

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