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Superman Syndrome (XYY Syndrome)

            One boy is born with Superman syndrome, otherwise known as XYY syndrome, almost every day in California. XYY syndrome is a genetic condition where a male homo sapien is born with an extra male (Y) chromosome, giving a total of 47 chromosomes verses the usual 46. The cause is "nondisjunction in the second meiotic division of spermatogenesis" according to Dr. Robert Tissot. If chromosomes fail to separate before turning into gametes, every sperm cell will be afflicted with an extra Y chromosome. Symptoms of XYY syndrome are unusual height, average to low IQ's, and an increase in aggression. XYY syndrome cannot be cured and there are no available treatments, however, symptoms can be reduced if diagnosed early with special therapy such as; speech, physical or occupational, and educational therapy. Studies are in the making with hormone testing and chromosome analysis to determine the medical mystery of why an extra copy of a Y chromosome leads to towering heights, learning disabilities and so on. .
             Males are particularly affected by XYY syndrome. Five to ten boys with XYY syndrome are born in the United States each day. Hormone testing and chromosome analysis are primarily used in researching this disease; however, males with this syndrome are tested on too. In a recent study, 38 boys were the subjects of scientists who were trying to observe and gather information on this disease. Because this condition occurs at random, it equally affects people around the world, not targeting a specific culture. However XYY syndrome does target a specific group and that would be criminals. Researchers discovered that XYY syndrome affects only 1/1000 men, but is found in 1/50 men in prison. XYY syndrome was first discovered when researchers began studying male aggression in prisoners and patients in hospitals. Scientist found an extra sex chromosome and tried to find the link between the two.

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