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Acting - Skills and Performance

            The skills of an actor are used to bring the character to life on stage. It shows that the acting is more important than learning the lines and being on stage. The skills involve being able to engage the audience, having the ability to step into a new persona and create realism through their situation as well as having spatial awareness and expressive skills through their body and voice. Everyone knows that all good actors forget a line or two at some stage; the important part about this is the recovery. As they remain in character the audience is doesn't pick up on their forgotten lines, which can make the performance just as good. .
             Knowing your lines is the most important thing to a performance it's where the creation of the character begins. By knowing your lines you are able to pick where the objective comes from in each beat from which the actor drives from. It is very critical to continuously rehearse lines as it tells the story, and is where the character is born from. As an actor learning my lines it was a daunting task to do but slowly and surely got there, although there was a line forgotten it was important to not break character so that it wasn't obvious to the audience what had happened. After a line that was said that made the audience laugh I had lost my focus, to me I realized that I had not learnt my lines as good as I had hoped for. It has taught me that the skill of masking a mistake is just as critical. By learning the lines the character is more fluidly created and portrayed.
             A skill an actor would use to bring the character to life would be the way they use their voice and physicality. Through their voice they can switch from using a fast pace, loud projected voice to represent their uncontrollable anger then all of a sudden shift to a slower naive speaking tone only emphasizing on certain words as if they were mocking the other character. The way an actor uses their voice is vey affective to a performance, it allows the actor to create a better image of the character they are trying to portray as it represents the feelings through their voice.

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