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Interpersonal Communication Skill

            The Interpersonal Communication Skill that I chose to develop during the next six weeks is getting better at using assertive skills. The reason why I have selected this particular skill is because throughout my life, I have always been a non-assertive person. I never expressed my feelings or convey my needs in order to avoid unpleasantness or conflict. I would always ramble, beat around the bush, over apologize, and not saying what I really feels. This usually leads to frustration, disappointment, low self-esteem as a result of my need not being met.
             Throughout the next six weeks I told you that I plan to participate a little more with class and group discussions. I know that this will not be enough, but I understand that this will help me build my confidence in expressing my feelings. I also said that I was going to expressed my feelings effectively by using "I" Statements towards my friends and family on a frequent basis until I can start feeling comfortable in telling other how I feel.
             During this past six weeks I have been practicing at enhancing my assertive skills. I used the "I" Statement on my family and friends almost every time when I feel that I have the need to express my feelings. For example, a few weeks ago my parents were yelling at me for coming home late all the time when I go out. I responded by using the "I" Statement and telling them that, "I understand your point of view about me going out late, but I feel freedomly-deprived when you want me to stay home all the time, I am an adult already, plus I only go out on the weekend. Its not like my grades are bad or anything." This worked out for me because my parents realized where I am coming from and was willing to compromised with me and don't get mad at me when I go out late on the weekends. I would have just ignored them and kept on going out, this will cause more tension between my parents and I. By using the "I" Statement we were able to talk and tell each other how we feel and resolved the conflict.

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