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Interpersonal Communication

             The following report contains information on the subject of communication. It is being reported on for Professor Underwood's Business Communications class. The information reported on was conduct at the LRC at Mesa College and local San Diego public libraries. The topic at hand is divided into different components that effect how we communicate. The main topics that will be discussed are impersonal vs. interpersonal communication, how people communicate, perception, and culture.
             What is communication?.
             Communication, a complicated area, has been researched for countless years. Scholars have attempted to arrive at one general definition for Communication, yet experts still cannot agree on any one meaning. However, in the broadest sense, it has been determined that communication is the process of acting upon information. An individual says or does something, and others think or behave in response to the words or actions, as they understand them (Beebe 6).
             Although most people limit the realm of communication, it does not only occur between humans. It is possible for an individual to act on information from their pet. For instance, when the cat meows, a good owner feeds it. Moreover, it is possible that pets can act on information from their owners. For example, when the owner picks up the leash, the dog knows it is going for a walk.
             Interpersonal vs. Impersonal Communication.
             Human communication ranges on a spectrum from impersonal communication to interpersonal communication. Impersonal communication occurs when we communicate or respond to people's roles, rather than who they are as people. When you ask your waiter for a soda, you are communicating with his role, not him as an individual. Interpersonal communication is conducted on a more intimate level of communication in which we disclose personal information. Although this type of communication is more intimate, it does not always involve sharing closely guarded information.

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