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Medicine and the Importance of Effective Communication

            It is important to have excellent communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social care. As a medical professional, you need to be able to have a good conversation with your colleagues and most importantly the patient you are looking after, so they can be able to receive the best care possible. Without excellent communication and interpersonal interaction, this could lead to far-reaching outcomes. For instance, Daniel Pelka who was starved, tortured and murdered by his family and the school failed to recognise that he was being neglected because there wasn't good communication between the young child and his teachers to make sure everything was alright at home this caused his death. As nobody noticed the abuse going on the health care services got blamed a lot for what happened as it went against Child Act 2014, which I think is appalling because if health care services abide by the law, this would have saved him from the abuse and also other children that have been let down by health care services. In the video from last week, it felt like the nurse was trying to dominate the patient and didn't let her express her feelings and meet her needs by listening to the patient. And also she began to interrupt the patient and not even listen to what her patient was saying. She spoke to her in like a rough, demanding voice as if she was stupid. The nurse blamed her patient by saying that her depression doesn't seem like a big deal instead of sympathising with her because she has a mental illness. The nurse used sign language because the patient wasn't communicating very well, I think that the nurse interpreted that as she wasn't able to understand what she was saying, so the nurse used sign language, but it seems like the patient wasn't able to interpret and wasn't sure what she was signing. The clip is in a formal setting e.g. a hospital. The nurse should know that she isn't supposed to answer her phone when attending to a patient in an informal language as this could make the patient feel uncomfortable.

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