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Industry and Manufacturing Robots

            As the complexity of robots increase, their area of use in industry expands. The basic function of industrial robotics is in gigantic manufacturing industry automations in which defined routine tasks are repeated continuously in the same way. These large and complex robots will take part in automotive industry. We are going to use industrial robots for painting, sealing, the production of parts and for combining these parts. The reason why robots are suitable for these tasks is that very little feedback is enough for process control. Industrial robots can be produced in different sizes and they can do greater amount of work than a human can do.
             Our robots which are going to be used in these fields are generally cumbersome and fixed positioned. Their technology is based on the logic of robotic arms. Management and power units are located outside the system. Stepping or servo (remote) motors are used in order to ensure movement. Sensitivity is of great importance. Sliding-mode controls have been developed for the elasticity of joints. They will be controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and by computers at the recent period. But when it comes to industry, we'll prefer PLC more because PLCs consist of integrated circuits and perform commands precisely. Since multitasking is the case in computers, it may get locked-up, in which case the process may be disrupted. A recent approach is to program PLCs via computers. Engine control is used in situations which require power. Revolutions per minute and speed are provided by servo controller while status information and feedback are provided by generators and sensors. German robot producer KUKA (Keller und Knappich Augsburg) industrial robots can be shown as an example of industrial robots. .
             Operational Robotics .
             Operational robotics systems were developed in order to work in such dangerous situations as the radiation environment and toxic waste refinement which is not suitable for human beings.

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