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The Game Changer - Industrial Robots

            Robots are no longer restricted as toys to kids but they have become an indispensable tool to bring human civilization further by revolutionizing the norm of manufacture. Not far from now, factory workers produce every good by their own hands, by which the efficiency is severely restricted. However, the departure of industrial robots introduces a new picture to production chains. Most manual manufacturing processes can, in fact, be replaced by hi-tech machines in a safer, faster, finer manner while the concepts of industrial robots contain a lasting impact to inspire further utilization of advanced machines in other industries thus constitutes to a revolutionary game-changer.
             Optimization of yield quality could be brought by industrial robots. Stemmed from the proneness of globalization, fabricators target to the expanding market as well as rising rival companies around the globe but craftsmen, with limited working time, are not likely to satisfy the swiftly increasing demand. This results in the condition that a lot of manufacturers urge some innovative means to boost the production rate. With the dependence on the robots, a huge amount of goods, albeit with high complexity, can be "cloned" in a short period of time. Comparing to manual production, this computational method seems to minimize the man-made divergence and errors of the products effectively. By FootwearNews (2015), the sportswear giant Adidas was proposing to build a brand-new automatic factory called "Speedfactory" which would mainly be driven by robots, seeking to manufacture shoes in a customized, resource-friendly and cost-effective way. Its chief executive, Eric Liedtke, had also emphasized that the high speed production aimed in the project could equip Adidas with greater competitiveness among the industry.1 This shows that resorting to industrial robots might benefit the production chains significantly by guaranteeing a smooth production process.

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