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Music Therapy - Healing Transformations

             Are the effects of music strong enough to be offered in psychotherapeutic sessions and physical therapeutic sessions? Music therapy should be a routine based therapy that helps in everyday life based on therapeutic treatments involving singing bowls and vibrational therapy. The Mozart effect evaluates whether this type of treatment is operational and helpful. The human body can be controlled by music through heart rate and brainwaves. Studies are not always accurate when reporting the effects of the Mozart effect as well as testimonials claiming that certain sounds are not helpful during a meditative process. Many people dislike music therapy because it is a pseudoscience and these treatments are falsely advertised by Don Campbell's case studies prove to be faulty when redone by other scientists, there is no clear study that proves that music can show a definitive response with music and cognitive learning experiences, and results from many experiments prove that the results from experiments change drastically. Music therapy is a therapeutic treatment that includes self expression that can alter brainwaves and change one's outlook on life without that person knowing it happens. NASA is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. EEG is an Electroencephalograph. Functional magnetic resonance imaging is an fMRI. STG is the superior temporal gyrus. IFG is the nucleus accumbens. VMPFC is the amygdala and medial prefrontal cortex. IQ is an intelligence quotient. PD is Parkinson's disease.
             People value music as an art form of self-expression; however, many people value music as a psychological therapeutic treatment as well. Music, in general, is an abstract form of art and is valued in different ways. The brain's activity in the prefrontal cortex determines the value that is being heard. As humans, the pleasure of abstract details in life such as: art, poetry, and music provide us with no survival value like in the animal kingdom.

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