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             The study of the interaction of body and mind is pretty much the study of stress. Stress is a feeling we get when we interpret a situation as in being more than what our psychological resources can handle, this feeling can be anxious or threatening. Stress does not appear out of nowhere. There is a process, and the first sing of a stressful situation is called primary appraisal. The primary appraisal consists in our first overview of a situation, where our mind decides whether the situation is going to be overwhelming or challenging. This appraisal involves three different interpretations, which are harm/loss, threat, and challenge. The harm/loss appraisal of a situation is when you have already suffered some damage or injury, this appraisal elicts negative emotions. The threat appraisal of situation is when you have not yet suffered damage or injury but you will suffer it someday. This appraisal also elicts negative emotions. Finally, the challenge appraisal of a situation is when you have the ability to get something out of the situation, this appraisal unlike the harm/loss and threat appraisals elicts positive emotions. After making one appraisal, our body changes from calm state into an awakened state as it prepares to deal with the stressor.
             There are two types of stress, type I and type II. Type I is biological, it includes the fight-flight response. It gives an automatic response of the sympathetic nervous system, it can also handle the stressor and return the body back to normal. The type II of stress causes major sources of daily hassles like misplacing things. The physical appearance, you feel like you have too many things to do, etc. it depends on the person. Not every single person is going to have the same daily hassles. With type II stress you can also suffer changes in your life related to money, relationships, defects on your immune system, etc. .
             Our body can respond to stress physiologically.

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