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Interpersonal Communications

             DeVito, Essentials of Human Communication, has a statement from Anthony Robbins that "Communication is power. Those who have mastered its effective use can change their own experience of the world and the world's experience of them." Communication is an important factor for people to understand each other. Two kinds of communication are intrapersonal and interpersonal. The difference between intrapersonal and interpersonal is: intrapersonal helps you to learn your insight personality by talking to yourself while interpersonal is about how you interact with other people to unlock your blind or hidden self. For me, I have problems to communicate to some people through interpersonal. I find it hard to communicate with my friends, family members, and strangers since I do not open completely myself to other people. Consequently, I do not have a long conversation with my friends or family members. The three problems that I have for interpersonal communication are self-disclosure, perception, and listening.
             First of all, I have a problem on self-disclosure because I don't want to open myself. I am afraid of other people's judgement about me. For example, when I have a problem that I think it is embarrassed, I would not tell my friends or my family members. I am introverted person. I would keep everything about me to myself. Sometimes I will open myself up a little bit if I feel like it. As in the Johari Window, I am in the hidden self. Also, I do not want to risk my personal and get the rejection from other people. For instance, I would not tell others about my secrets. I keep them in my mind and solve them by myself. As the psychologists say it is not healthy to keep everything to yourself. I know I should open myself up to relief the stress. In addition, in my family, we are not supposed to tell how we feel. My parents, especially my father, would not tell about their childhood because they thought it is privacy.

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