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Goal Statement

             I take great pleasure outlining my academic goals for ___________University. I am a highly motivated individual. I believe that in life, it is important to help others in any way possible. This is possible for me by learning and achieveiving educational success. I also believe that hard work and perseverance are two keys to success. With these positive attributes I have been able to achieve accomplishment in my professional, academic and extra-curricular endeavors. The success in my professional life is displayed by my performance being a network Engineer for Nortec communications. .
             I first started as a helpdesk associate 6 years back and worked my way up to secure a network engineer position. My academic status was hindered by my dedication to demanding positions in various corporations. In order to fully attain my personal goals, I have set forward plans for my future. Education by far is the most pertinent endeavor not completely fulfilled. Now that I have increased experience in Information Technology scenarios, I would like to apply this wisdom of data to my academic understanding. In my studies, I hope to have earned a Bachelors degree in Information Systems by ________. Finally, in my extra-curricular activities, I have been able to excel in earning Computer certifications. I have dedicated many long hours in Microsoft and Cisco certifications to better serve the user community and maintain an updated understanding of technology and information directly relating to my field of choice.
             The reason I am pursuing a career in Information Systems is more meaningful than just increasing my career level, or pay scale. I am not in a position to take education for granted. I will gain great satisfaction by participating in the promotion of excelling at my studies. My ultimate goal would be the challenge of an education and the pride of a degree. .
             My immediate goal is to receive a degree in my field.

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