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Goal Statement

            Coming to the United States at the age of fifteen felt like being thrown into a jungle and being told to find myself way out. In this jungle i was getting ready to face the peer pressure, adversity, politics, cultural change and not forgetting the harsh winters. People treated my twin sister and me differently because we were from Africa. I am truly proud to have been able to find myself out of the jungle and to have adapted to the system fast. .
             Coming to the United States has given me an opportunity I would not have got if I was still in Zimbabwe which is to graduate from high school and further my education by attending Kent State University as a nursing major. I know that going to college will help me reach my goals and also help me to enter the real world with a strong foundation comprised of courage, strength and determination. As a hard working and determined individual, my other goal is to complete my Bachelor's Degree in Science of Nursing in exactly four years or less.
             My high school career is coming to an end now and the reality of getting into the real world has started to kick in. While growing up I have been faced with a lot of career decisions, my parents have influenced most of which, but I have finally decided to be a registered nurse. Choosing to be a nursing major after graduating from high school has opened up my eyes and mind to realize that there is so much more to life than what the eye sees at one specific moment. Entering the nursing field will definitely help me live a life long dream of being able to help people and contribute to make this world a better place to leave on.
             The fact of being able to have health insurance in Africa is considered a real privilege. In the next five years I see myself back in my home country in Africa after I getting my nursing license. It is there that I plan on traveling around the country and even possibly become a missionary in the African continent helping a lot of people who cannot afford Health Care insurance.

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