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My Interpersonal Communication Competence

            Throughout my life, I have always had a desire for communication with others. I have my fair share of ups and downs when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Elementary and middle school had me thinking I was that awkward kid but when I finally made it to high school, I began to understand how communication with others really works and how to control it. Through the Spitzberg and Cupach Interpersonal Communication Competence Assessment, I was able to visualize and understand my communication strengths and weaknesses. In the following paper, I will layout and asses my scores on the competence test, as well as include my own understanding on several dimensions of the test.
             Conversational Involvement.
             Conversational Management.
             Your Name.
             Effectiveness is the ability to achieve the interpersonal goals that you set for yourself (Comm1500 Workbook, 2015). In general, I am not very effective as displayed by my low score on the competency test. I have always been bad at doing what I set out to do, or following through with what I tell myself I am going to do. A time I demonstrated this low effectiveness was when I wanted to organize a campout with my guy friends and I never got my ideas across well. We got together and I said, "Hey guys do you want to plan a campout for next week?" and one friend said, "That sounds like fun, where should we go?" Then another guy butted in and said, "Hey guys wanna go for a Taco Bell run real quick?" We ended up going to get food and I never planned the campout I wanted to. Another specific moment this occurred was when I was part of a design discussion in one of my engineering classes and I was poorly effective at sharing my ideas. A student said, "Do you guys think we should use a four-quadrant panel method to create the table?" and I replied with, "I think we should maybe build something different".

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