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Movie Summary - What's Eating Gilbert Grape

            People around the world are in constant communication. The reason why there is communication is to share ideas, express our feelings and thoughts, gather information, and exchange messages with other people. Communication includes writing and talking, as well as nonverbal communication, visual communication, and electronic communication; communication is a vital part of personal life and is also important in business, education, and any other situation where people encounter each other. It is through communication that people binds together because they share ideas. There is many examples of different areas of communication in Lasse Hallstrom's film, 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape." This is a film about Gilbert Grape and the hardships he has to deal with in life. With a morbidly obese mother, a dead father, 2 house-keeping sisters, and a mentally challenged brother, this young man struggles through day-to-day life. As his brothers 18th birthday is approaching, life will go through many changes for him. He has to not only be a father figure and take care of his family but he has to perceive himself as a young man also.
             Through communication skills that he has learned, Gilbert must believe in himself enough to keep his calm with his brother and deal with the stress of still being young himself. He must portray himself to people as everything being fine and that he is a normal young man. He has to manage his identities. From reading the chapters in Looking Out Looking In and watching the movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape I have seen how the movie connects to the book which I will explain in here. I think that people need to be good communicators and work on their interpersonal communication skills and there would be a much better society.
             Communication Competence.
             Defining communication competence isn't as easy as it may seem. Although scholars struggle to agree on a precise definition, most would agree that it involves achieving one's goals in a way that maintains or enhances the relationship in which it occurs [ CITATION Adl14 l 1033 ].

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