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Whats Eating Gilbert Grape

            What's Eating Gilbert Grape is a controversial film that many viewers can relate to, the living situation is upsetting and the acting in the film is touching. The film What's Eating Gilbert Grape is a film everyone should see for a number of reasons, first the film contains useful information viewers shouldn't miss, next because the characters and their situations are much like real life, viewers can often relate. .
             What's Eating Gilbert Grape is a controversial film that touches many issues, viewers can often relate to the sensitive subjects. An example is having a loved one that is mentally challenged, while trying to maintain a healthy life. Arnie the mentally challenged youngest brother of the family was taken care of by his older brother Gilbert, although the responsibility was often hard and overwhelming. For example many times Arnie would climb to the top of the water tower if not constantly watched. Gilbert had a lot of responsibility and was waiting to explode considering Gilberts mother left all responsibility to him while she became a "beached .
             whale" as Gilbert would put it. Gilbert was often ashamed of his mother. A good example of .
             Gilbert exploding would be when Gilbert almost ran his youngest sister over for giving him the .
             middle finger. The film What's Eating Gilbert Grape is a good example of showing how others .
             can be deprived or held back from the world considering, Gilbert and his family came from a .
             town where not many people came around, and small things in life were appreciated for example, .
             the sunsets or watching the campers as they come through their town. The Grapes were living a .
             bored life with no change, but this would soon turn around. .
             The living situation in the film What's Eating Gilbert Grape is disturbing, although many viewers may relate. The motherly tasks have all been placed on Gilberts shoulders like the .
             shopping, cleaning, working, and most importantly taking care of Arnie.

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