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Grapes of Wrath Quotes and Connections

             "There was color in the light now, a reddish gleam the image of the mountain and the light coming over it were reflected in their eyes" (Steinbeck 397).
             Text-to-Text Connection.
             A beautiful sunset in a distance is often used in movies to set the mood. The scene of a sun setting can convey a cheery mood. But, it can also foreshadow events that will happen later in the piece of literature. A good-looking view, like a sunset, that fades away to darkness can be similar to the path a character or characters will travel. An event may seem to be happy, but will end up in disaster. An example of this is when the Joads ran into a man on the road, which lead them to work (this is the stunning sunset). Then once the Joads got the job, they realized that it wasn't as good as it looked (this is the fading away to darkness).
             Entry for: Part 3, Chapter 23.
             "The migrant people, scuttling for work, scrabbling to live, looked always for pleasure, dug for pleasure, manufactured pleasure, and they were hungry for amusement" (Steinbeck 444).
             Text-to-Self Connection.
             The migrant people have difficult lives. They have little to no money, are constantly looking for jobs, and are always moving around. They have little time in their lives for enjoyment, but they still look for fun. Migrant people find some pleasure in their life, but sometimes they need to make whatever they are doing into something enjoyable. This reminds me of me. With schoolwork, scouting, and doing work at home my schedule is fairly packed, but I still find time for fun, and if I can't sometimes I make my work that I am doing into fun.
             Entry for: Part 3, Chapter 25.
             "The spring is beautiful in California. Valleys in which the fruit blossoms are fragrant pink and white waters in a shallow sea. Then the first tendrils of the grapes swelling from the old gnarled vines, cascade down to cover the trunks" (Steinbeck 473).
             Text-to-Text Connection.

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