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Grapes of Wrath Movie Response

            The Grapes of Wrath Movie Response Paper.
             Many books are made into movies nowadays. It is a debated topic whether the books, or the films paint a more vivid picture in the mind of the beholder. In some cases the movies and the books follow each other exactly. But in other cases, there are major differences between the two. We will explore one of these such cases. .
             "The Grapes of Wrath", a book written in 1929 by John Steinbeck, was turned into a film in 1940. The director, John Ford, decided to change the ending when putting this film together. In the movie version, "The Grapes of Wrath", it shows the, Joad's family, packing up their things and heading to a farm where there is supposedly twenty days worth of work, picking cotton. The overall mood seems to be upbeat and sprits seem to be high. The Joad's left a government provided camp of sort in order to take a chance on this twenty day cotton picking journey. Tom, the oldest son, has just left the family due to the police finding his whereabouts. If not for the police needing a warrant in order to arrest him, Tom would already be behind bars. The movie closes with the Joad's in the car, driving to the new farm and not really having any direction to go in after. You do not find out if they make it or if the are all doomed to the same death as many others that have attempted the adventure that they are pursuing.
             The book is quite different from the movie version. It does share some of the same qualities though. One of these is that of an open ending. The book finishes off with Tom leaving just like in the film. But the family itself is in even worse shape. They are living out of their boxcar and are being hit with a few majors problems at the same time. The smaller of the two is the problem that Rose of Sharon is in labor. She gives birth just to find out that her baby is already dead. It is shriveled, blue, and lifeless.

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